Take your sustainability strategy to the next level with the UN SDGs

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The world of business is changing. Customers and stakeholders expect businesses to be at the forefront of tackling environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Incorporating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into your business strategy shows your stakeholders that your business is taking a leadership role in solving the most challenging problems of our time. It also ensures that your sustainability activities are targeted at the most important impacts your business has on society and the environment.

Our custom-designed programme offers:

  • Hands-on workshops to guide your leaders through the process
  • Practical exercises and reviews to understand your sustainability performance
  • Support to develop a materiality matrix to identify priority SDGs
  • An AA1000-informed stakeholder engagement framework
  • A complete process report, project audit and assurance statement

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What are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

The SDGs provide us with a new lens through which to translate global needs and ambitions into business solutions. These  solutions will enable companies to better manage their risks, anticipate consumer demand, build positions in growth markets, secure access to needed resources and strengthen their supply chains.”
- World Business Council for Sustainable Development

The SDGs are the product of extensive global negotiations involving a wide range of sectors, including business. They were agreed by than 190 world leaders at a historic summit in 2015.

The 17 different goals are distinct but connected under three overarching themes: mitigating climate change, ending extreme poverty and fighting inequality and injustice.

What do the SDGs mean for business?

This bold global agenda cannot be realised without engagement by the private sector as a source of finance, a driver of innovation and engine of economic growth and employment.

The SDGs also have the potential to unleash unprecedented innovation, economic growth and business development. The Business Commission estimates that by 2030, they could be worth at least $12 trillion a year in market opportunities and generate up to 380 million new jobs.

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