01 Oct 2020

Coming Soon – A Platform to Measure Supply Chain Emissions

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Coming Soon – A Platform to Measure Supply Chain Emissions

Small and medium businesses make up 97% of New Zealand businesses and account for approximately 30% of our country’s carbon emissions. These businesses form an essential part of New Zealand’s complex supply and value chain systems.

While a common expectation is for large enterprises to take the lead on climate change action, until now there has not been a solution to easily manage emissions from an organisation’s supply chain.

The Team at Toitū Envirocare are hard at work in developing New Zealand’s first supply chain emissions measurement platform targeted at our SMEs. With a launch in mid-November, this tool addresses some crucial issues for New Zealand businesses big and small.

The tool will allow organisations with significant supply chain emissions to gain better visibility of their suppliers’ emissions. They can choose to invite their local suppliers on a common reporting platform that will help consolidate the buyer’s Scope 3 emissions data.

International climate pledges and corporate leaders like Microsoft are increasingly focussing on their indirect (scope 3) emissions generated by their supply chain. As we see climate commitments in New Zealand getting bolder, a solution such as this will be imperative to further empower ambitions like science-based target setting and the Climate Leaders Coalition’s scope 3 commitments.

On the flip side, the tool offers a common platform for suppliers or small businesses to quickly and easily calculate and report their emissions and benchmark their carbon performance against similar businesses. To keep the tool affordable and simple, the data will not be verified. The platform is an easy, cost-effective way for small businesses to begin taking climate action using accessible business data from electricity consumption, freight, waste and transportation.

“For any business, awareness of operational carbon and emission sources opens the door for reductions,” says Steve Dixon, GM Strategy & Partnerships at Toitū Envirocare.

“This tool fills a significant gap in the tool set for businesses wanting to inspire reductions in their supply chains and to better understand the full extent of their footprint. This gives leading organisations the power to make sustainable supply chain decisions and encourages climate disclosure across the value chain.”

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