Going above and beyond with Toitū climate positive

Location: Online

Date: Thursday, 21 October 2021

Time: 12 PM to 1 PM

Address: Zoom

About this event

What does best practice climate leadership look like for New Zealand businesses?

As organisations increasingly look for new and ambitious ways to push the boundaries of climate action, true leadership means looking beyond the confines of your own organisation and helping the wider society make an equitable transition to a sustainable future.

Enter Toitū climate positive certification.

Join us as we explore the latest and greatest in climate mitigation standards in New Zealand. In this insightful webinar, Product Manager Austin Hansell will go over

  • Toitū climate positive certification - What it is and how to achieve it  ?
  • thinking and inspiration behind Toitū climate positive
  • How Toitū climate positive separates itself from other similar standards

We will also hear from Ecoware: the first Toitū climate positive certified organisation, and Emma Lewisham: the first business to offer Toitū climate positive certified products.

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