Greenfern Industries Limited is a medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp start up company operating from Lake Hawea and building a new hemp and medicinal cannabis hub in South Taranaki. Greenfern Industries Limited has approximately 10 hectares of leased farmland which is used to grow industrial hemp. This hemp is harvested for its seed which is then processed and sold to be made as a high protein meat substitute. As Greenfern Industries Limited wants to be efficient and get as much as they can out of their crops, the by-products from the seed processing are also used in other products such as a hemp-based skin care range and a hemp-based beer among other things. Greenfern Industries Limited is also setting up a high-tech aeroponic grow room which will use less water, less nutrients and less electricity when compared to more conventional hydroponic cannabis grow rooms. This grow room and other activities at Greenfern's South Taranaki site will be powered entirely by renewable power sourced from the Normanby Dam Hydroelectric Power Station which Greenfern recently purchased.

Environmentally friendliness is a core value at Greenfern Industries Limited. The medicinal cannabis industry has quite a large environmental and carbon footprint due to high energy inputs. Greenfern Industries Limited would like to combine New Zealand's "clean and green" image with this nascent industry and be a leading example of sustainability for other companies to follow in our footsteps when entering New Zealand's medicinal cannabis industry. One of Greenfern Industries Limited's primary goals in their commitment to be an environmentally friendly company is to become Toitū carbon zero certified.


  • Toitū carbonzero certified organisation

Contact details

127 Normanby Road, Okaiawa, South Taranaki, 4671, New Zealand