Snowberry is designed to be a carbon-neutral enterprise with the highest practicable environmentally sustainable standards in every area of its operations. These objectives, while originating in the personal ideals held by the Company's principals, dovetailed neatly with the company's interest in discovering exciting new bio active compounds in the New Zealand's rainforest. This led directly to the acquisition of a 22.5 Ha property in New Zealand's Northland, and the subsequent establishment of some 7,500 plants of several native varieties, which are now part of Snowberry's bio discovery programme and the source, for example, of the Meryta sinclarii (Puka) gum extract and now Phormium Tenax (Harakeke) Seed Oil used in several Snowberry formulations. Snowberry products have been designed to utilise a minimalist approach to packaging while maintaining a high level of quality to ensure the minimum impact on climate.


  • carboNZero certified product

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Phone: +64 9 263 7900