Wellington Combined Taxis Limited (trading as Wellington Combined Taxis) provide taxi transport services in Wellington city. They also provide tours of the Wellington, Wairarapa, and Kapiti Coast regions.

As described in their website, Wellington Combined Taxis Limited (WCT) is a shareholder owned and operated company which was formed in 1993 with the amalgamation of the then two separately operated taxi companies - Wellington Taxis Coop Society and Black White & Grey Taxis. Wellington Combined Taxis currently operates 442 Business Class vehicles combined with 600 uniformed drivers. The company has a shareholder elected Board of Governors of 6 directors.

Wellington Combined Taxis have a commitment to sustainable business practice. This includes the introduction of hybrid vehicles to the fleet since June 2007. The majority of the Company’s current and future vehicles are evaluated against rigid fuel efficiency guidelines. The taxi fleet is comprised of a range of cars, vans, and shuttles.



  • Toitū carbonzero certified service
  • Toitū carbonzero certified organisation

Contact details

P.O.Box 16 126 Wellington, NZ

Phone: +64 (4) 384 4444