09 Mar 2021

Webinar Recap | Climate Change Commission's Advice

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Webinar Recap | Climate Change Commission's Advice - Summary & Toitū's Outlook

On 31 January, the Climate Change Commissions released its much-anticipated draft advice to government. The advice aims to guide policy development and covers the first 3 five-year budget periods, through to 2035.

Get involved and have your say - the advice is currently open to consultation until 28 March and we highly encourage all organisations to do their part and make a submission.

Join us as Toitū Envirocare GM-Technical, Belinda Mathers, takes you through:
- An overview of the Climate Change Commission’s advice to the Government
- Takeaways from the advice and what it means for NZ business
- Toitū Envirocare’s position on various topics and approach to consultation

Click here to download the slides.

To help you formulate your response, Toitū Envirocare will share the details of its submission along with a template of responses with all webinar registrants by 17 March. Let us know if you would like to be added to this mailing list.