01 Sep 2022

Webinar Recap | BusinessNZ's webinar series All Things Carbon

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Webinar Recap | BusinessNZ's webinar series All Things Carbon

A changing climate is a today and tomorrow challenge many of us are familiar with. The issue is one where action is needed now although the path to action can at times, seem overwhelming. Increasingly businesses are looking to account for their carbon emissions and reduce their impact through a robust decarbonisation strategy. To go a step further, many are looking for third-party verification and certification of their actions.

As part of becoming carbon certified, businesses need to validate their measurement and take actions to reduce their carbon emissions to match a key marketable claim that reinforces their sustainability intentions, and provides a position of trust, reputational advantage, and integrity in the marketplace.

In a 5 stage webinar series, we partnered with BusinessNZ’s Sustainable Business Council, together with Ekos, thinkstep-anz, and DETA Consulting to dive deeper on the carbon certification journey. The webinar series covered key elements of the decarbonization journey including measurement, verification, reduction, offsetting, and climate positive and Science Based Target Initiatives.

In case you missed it or weren't able to join them live, we’ve pulled together the series for you to re-watch.

Webinar One: Measure – featuring Toitū’s Ben Nistor

In the first of the series, this webinar covers the basics of climate change, what emissions are and why it’s important to measure them. Including what the process of measuring your emissions involves.

Webinar Two: Verify – featuring Toitū’s Alix McKenzie and Tessa McKnight

The second webinar the team look at the process for verifying a business' emissions, with first hand insight on the audit process from our resident auditor Tessa, including first hand case studies from our account manager Alix on challenges faced by a recent SME and large business in auditing their carbon emissions.

Webinar Three: Reduce

Measuring carbon emissions is the first step to developing a decarbonisation strategy but once the data is there, where do you start making reductions? This webinar looks at common carbon reduction strategies in the market.

Webinar Four: Offset

A common consideration when managing carbon emissions is whether or not to offset emissions a company is unable to reduce. This webinar unpacks the practice of carbon offsetting and compensating for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Webinar Five: Climate Positive + SBTi’s – featuring Toitū’s Austin Hansell

The final webinar in the series is for the champion of champions, those willing to go the extra mile for the good fight and offset more emissions than they actually produce and demystify the term ‘climate positive’. This is the ‘paying it forward’ of the carbon world and looking at an introductory session on Science Based Target Initiatives with our claims expert, Austin Hansell.

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