23 Mar 2023

Event Recap | Helping you meet the Climate-Related Disclosures

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Event Recap | Helping you meet the Climate-Related Disclosures


Honourable James ShawMinister of Climate Change
Dr. Amelia SharmanDirector Sustainability Reporting at XRB
Misha PietersDirector Assurance at XRB
Austin HansellCarbon Product Manager at Toitū Envirocare

Key points:

  • Working on the Disclosures is about continual improvement. It's not about doing it once and getting it perfect, but doing the best you can now, and improving it over time. It usually takes a few years to really mature and you'll regularly get new or better information.
  • Be sure to document everything carefully now. We're still waiting on the record keeping regulations and guidance, but make sure you start documenting your processes, methods, assumptions, thinking, etc. now. This will also help you transparently disclose your rationale in the disclosure now, and update it over time.
  • Financial reporting is easy compared to climate disclosure, and businesses have been doing financial accounting for decades. Think of what it looks like now compared to 100 years ago - it takes time. Being in the pioneer stages mean that some areas won't yet be fully clear and more guidance will be needed. Lean on the climate subject matter experts to help you build the in-house capability.
  • Don't try to do this on your own. Collaborate across your value chain and sectors, engage with iwi, youth, communities to get more perspectives and ideas and help build out your scenarios to help you design the most resilient strategies and plans.
  • The scenario analysis work is meant to help you build resilient, transformational business strategies. If you go through the full process and think that you can keep your current BAU, it's advised to reconsider.

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With thanks to the Sustainable Business Council for partnering with us on this event.