19 May 2023

Webinar Recap | Electrifying how your people move

Posted in: Reducing emissions

Webinar Recap | Electrifying how your people move

Reimagine how you reduce your business travel carbon emissions in our latest hotspot series where we look at key areas and practical ideas to decarbonise. Transport is responsible for a staggering 17% of New Zealand's gross emissions (according to MfE). It's time to explore sustainable transport options that reduce emissions while cutting costs and our reliance on fossil fuels.


Kirsten CorsonCo-Founder of Zilch
Jason BrittenGroup Manager, Property and Commercial Partnerships at Genesis Energy
Luis PortoTechnical Advisor at Toitū Envirocare

Learn how your business can begin to decarbonise its scope 3 emissions to support your sustainability journey and your team. This dedicated webinar covers:

  • What the mitigation hierarchy is and how it influences our decarbonisation choices
  • Where transport fits into reducing carbon emissions
  • The concept of Electric Mobility as a Service (eMaaS)
  • How the eMaaS model can be used to decarbonise a business’s fleet and mobility
  • Practical solutions to change your company culture to adopt a sustainable mobility mindset
  • Case study featuring Genesis’ successful transition to a sustainable mobility culture and reduction of their transport emissions by 30%.

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