05 Apr 2023

Webinar Recap | Science Based Targets 2/3 - How to set targets and develop reduction pathways

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Webinar Recap | Science Based Targets 2/3 - target setting and reduction pathways

The second to our three-part Science Based Targets webinar series was hosted on Thursday 30th March 2023 to deliver insights and tools to help businesses develop their own targets and reduction pathways. You can access the first part here.

During this masterclass technical expert Stu McKenzie discussed:

  • The variations between CLC and Toitū requirements.
  • Tools and concepts needed to start developing targets.
  • How to decouple growth from setting reduction targets.
  • A breakdown of how to tackle and prioritise both short and long-term targets.
  • How to overcome roadblocks such as hard-to-abate sectors or industries with no clear SBT guidance.
  • How to adapt existing targets to being SBT aligned.

Watch the recording below to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to approach setting science-aligned targets and develop emission reduction strategies that align with 1.5 degree target.

Watch the Science Based Targets webinar

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