09 Feb 2023

Webinar Recap | Science Based Targets 1/3 - what you need to know

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Webinar Recap | Science Based Targets - what you need to know

This is the first session of our three part Science Based Targets (SBTs) webinar series. You can access the next session available here.

Have you been hearing the terms 'Science Aligned Target' or 'Science Based Target' (SBT) recently and are not sure what they are referring to, or how they might apply to your sector?

A science-based target is an emissions reduction goal that gives us the best chance of limiting global warming to less than 2°C. More and more organisations are setting them for their business and so can you.

Watch our webinar to hear Toitū SBT expert Stu McKenzie discuss everything you need to know to set your own SBTs.

What we discussed:

  • What Science Based Targets are;
  • Who set them up;
  • What is the difference between a carbon reduction plan and having Science Based Targets, including which one is better;
  • The nuances of how SBTs work (near and long-term targets)

Watch the Science Based Targets webinar

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Access additional Q&A

There were some additional questions attendees asked during the webinar that were unable to be answered during the live event. These have been compiled and answered by Stewart McKenzie, our SBT expert, into a document you can download here.

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