20 Oct 2022

Webinar Recap | Carbon 101: Introduction Webinar

Posted in: Sustainable Development

Webinar Recap | Carbon 101 - Introduction Webinar

You can’t talk sustainability and climate action without mentioning carbon.

Particularly carbon emissions, with carbon used as shorthand for the full range of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Making a commitment to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at source is the most important aspect of climate performance.

Our Carbon 101 held on Wednesday 19th October, hosted by our in-house technical expert Austin Hansell discussed the following points

  • Climate trends: The latest market update and insights into climate change
  • Carbon management: Why everyone is talking about carbon emissions and greenhouse gases (GHG)
  • Carbon accounting: How we measure carbon emissions, including key terms like GHG and Scopes
  • Climate action: how that information informs action
  • Technical takeaway: The Mitigation hierarchy and how to manage your carbon emissions

Watch the Carbon 101 Introduction webinar

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