29 Mar 2019

What are the ‘Good Life Goals’?

Posted in: Sustainable Development

What are the ‘Good Life Goals’?

You’ve heard of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a collection of 17 global goals designed to move the world to a more sustainable future. It’s proven to be a robust and holistic framework for policy makers and business leaders to guide their short and long term strategies. .

But how can ordinary people work towards these far-reaching, global goals? Enter the Good Life Goals.

In 2018, a partnered effort between Futerra, UN Environment, USESCO, WBCSD and several other organisations led to the formulation of 85 personal actions that people around the world can take to help make the SDGs happen.

Futerra’s video below makes the case that small actions taken by many people can lead to change – check it out.

Eighty-five goals may seem like a lot, but they can be made easily achievable by taking up a few personal actions each week or month. Our recommendation is to focus on one SDG each month and look at championing 4-5 actions – whether it’s by yourself, for your household, or for your workplace. Some of the goals you might be already doing, like saving water, growing vegetables where you can and buying from companies that treat their workers fairly.

Sophia White, Enviro-Mark Solutions’ Sustainability Advisor, is also a Good Life Goals champion within our team. She recommends these simple steps to adopt the Good Life Goals in your office:

  1. Get a team together who want to make the office sustainable
  2. Pick one or two Good Life Goals to adopt each month, like walking and cycling to work rather than driving, or learning more about climate change, or investigating opportunities for volunteering.
  3. Promote these goals with the wider office team through a newsletter, a dedicated morning tea, posters and challenges!


Julian Hill-Landolt, Director of Sustainable Lifestyles at WBCSD also says the Good Life Goals provide an opportunity for businesses to engage their staff the organisational SDG strategy. “The Good Life Goals can help companies understand how their products and services are associated with the SDGs, using that as a way to connect with, engage and even inspire their communities into action in support of the goals”.

Have a look at these Good Life Goals flash cards or log on to www.goodlifegoals.org for more information.

To know more about adopting the Sustainable Development Goals for your organisation and how we can help integrating it with your long-term strategy – talk to our experts today!