Ecostore - How carbon certification gets exceptional climate results

Member name: Ecostore

Toitū certifications: net carbonzero organisation, Enviromark Diamond

Years on programme: 13 years

Have you seen Ecostore products or refill stations in your local supermarket? If you take a closer look at some of their products, you may see the Toitū mark - a sign they have been looking into their emissions.

"Ecostore is really committed to improving climate change outcomes, reflected in the fact that we got Toitū net carbonzero certification in 2010, 13 years ago. We would love to think that other companies in New Zealand could take that lead, join the Toitū programme, reduce, measure, and offset their carbon - and take responsibility. Let's all work together. Let's make New Zealand a positive change for the rest of the world to follow." - Tony Morpeth, Ecostore GM of supply chain

Watch our new case study above now and discover how Ecostore make claims substantiated by progress. They're finding innovative ways to reduce their entire organisational footprint and provide sustainable products directly to their customers.

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Carbon mark ToitūToitū carbon certification endorses organisations to quantify their impact on the climate, transition their operations to our changing world, and engage across the value chain, sector and communities. Find out how you can meet lead practice.

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