Established in 2009, 5R Solutions specialises in window glass recovery in New Zealand. Our focus is to deliver solutions that exceed our customers expectations in both service and operational efficiencies.

5R Solutions is a New Zealand based company specialising in window glass recovery. Since beginning in September 2009, 5R Solutions have experienced significant growth.

We have two reprocessing sites located in Auckland and Christchurch, where we are moving and processing tens of thousands of tonnes of glass each year.

We are involved in the design and manufacture of the plant and equipment that is used in our operations. Currently our generation 3 processing equipment is capable of processing the full spectrum of waste flat glass that is generated by commercial and post-consumer markets. We have a fully developed in-house supply chain management for the collection of waste glass and delivery of end products. We work closely with our customers to ensure that the best solutions are provided for their needs.Our quality assurance and workplace health and safety systems are built to ISO standard and are fully auditable.

We have achieved the following goals for the supply chain:

  • Developed processing equipment able to recover the more difficult glass and reduce costs for the generators
  • Developed a total resource recovery package delivering flexibility for small to large generators and providing valuable and regular waste generation data
  • Developed multiple end use markets in South East Asia
  • Increased the quality and specification of the finished product


  • Toitū carbonreduce certified organisation

Contact details

16 Canada Crescent, Christchurch, 8042, New Zealand

Phone: 03 349 0225