Excel Digital is a commercial printing company based in Wellington, New Zealand. The business is one of the largest 'cut-sheet' digital printing companies in New Zealand servicing customers across the country. Excel Digital takes pride in sustainability, being a gold certified member of Toitū Enviromark and working towards waste reduction and minimisation. Excel Digital also have Toitu carbonzero certification as part of our commitment to measure and manage our greenhouse gas emissions. Excel Digital's sustainability statement is:

'A collective commitment to sustainability is needed for individuals, communities and organisations to prosper. We engage with suppliers, employees and customers to be partners with us in our sustainability journey. Together we can reduce our impact on the environment and build communities that thrive.’


  • Toitū enviromark gold certified
  • Toitū net carbonzero certified organisation

Contact details

21 Jamaica Drive, Grenada North, Wellington 5028, NZ

Phone: +64 4 499 0912