Launched in NZ in 2019, Pals is a leading 'better for you' alcohol RTD brand that is now currently available in NZ, Australia, Cook Islands and the Pacific Islands. Pals heroes clean drinking - paired with premium spirits and all-natural fruit extracts giving a silky smooth taste with low sugar and calories in six thirst-quenching flavours and 100% recyclable packaging.

At Pals, we believe there’s more to business than just offering a product or service. We wanted to create a brand which goes that extra mile for our pals, the planet and the community. Whether that's really taking care of our team, reducing our impact on the planet or working to give back to our community.

We’ve worked with the experts to develop a two year sustainability plan which can be found at with ambitious objectives relating to Greenhouse gasses, Materials Management, Water, Energy, Community and People to improve our business impact. Our carbon objective is to minimise our emissions and be a carbon zero business which we’ve been able to achieve with the Toitū carbonzero program, through measuring, managing and offsetting our footprint by 125%. We’ve gone over and above the certification requirements to measure and offset the emissions from our packaging suppliers including the embodied emissions of Pals aluminum cans and corrugated boxes. We know that offsetting is a short term solution and are committed to reducing our footprint in the next three years with set targets and reduction projects in place.

This is one of many steps to achieving our sustainability ambitions set out in our plan. We’ve got a long way to go but we’re chuffed to be making positive steps in the right direction to becoming a better business for our pals and the planet.


  • Toitū net carbonzero certified organisation

Contact details

37 Charlotte Street, Eden Terrace, 1021, Auckland, New Zealand