The Landing is a 400 hectare property located on the Purerua Peninsula in the Bay of Islands. Within the property, there are varying land uses, including pastoral farming, regenerating and existing native bush, wetlands, vineyards, roading infrastructure and buildings (residential and commercial/industrial). Operationally there are three business units - The Landing Wines Company, The Landing Hospitality Company and The Landing Operations. The three companies, while separate, work closely together.

The land and infrastructure on the property are owned by MLP LLC (The Landing Operations). They are responsible for the development and maintenance of the property and any improvements made to it. The Landing Wines Company (TLWC) has a license to grow and harvest grapes over a portion of the land, and an agreement to occupy and utilise the winery building. The Landing Hospitality Company (TLHC) has an agreement to manage the hospitality business centred on the residences constructed on the land. Both TLWC and TLWC utilise the central operations infrastructure, which includes offices, workshops, lunchrooms, ablutions and storage sheds, and pay an annual fee to Operations for this use.

Head office accounting and management services are provided by the parent organisation, Cooper and Company NZ, from their Auckland office. This office also manages other New Zealand investments, and a portion of the head office emissions have been included in this carbon emissions inventory report.

An annual sustainability report was first produced for the Landing in 2020, in which the targets for the upcoming year were set. This can be found on The Landing's website.


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623 Rangihoua Road, Purerua Peninsula, Kerikeri 0294, New Zealand

Phone: +64 21 439 200