Apex. A new kind of insurance for a new breed of kiwis.

There’s not a lot that holds kiwis back.

We jump off bridges attached to rubber bands, we tie jets to our backs, we invent cars that drive on water, we make movies in make believe lands, we free dive to the deepest depths and we stick flags on the top of the world.

And just when you thought we’d done it all – we start launching rockets into space.

Yep, we’re a wild bunch alright.

Inventive, curious, never say never – let’s have a crack sorts.

And for most insurance companies – that would be a nightmare.

But luckily we’re not like most insurance companies.

We’re kiwis and kiwi owned – so we get it. We don’t run away from risk, we embrace it, with a firm handshake.

It’s all about understanding. Not running for the hills.

So whatever you want to do, whatever business you want to build or protect, talk to us


  • Toitū net carbonzero certified organisation

Contact details

Level 3, Honeywell House, 264 Mt Eden Road, Auckland 1024, NZ

Phone: +64 9 520 9441