Business New Zealand Incorporated (BusinessNZ) is New Zealand’s largest business advocacy body. We are committed to New Zealand's success – sustainable growth through free enterprise. Advocating for enterprise and promoting the voice of thousands of businesses across New Zealand, we work for positive change through new thinking, productivity and innovation. As we move to a carbon efficient economy, it's important that businesses have the right tools and robust certification processes to identify the opportunities to reduce their emissions. We want to show leadership for other businesses and demonstrate that there is business value in managing and reducing your carbon emissions through both our advocacy and own internal actions. We have already seen benefits as we have worked to reduce our carbon impact through a variety of travel reducing initiatives including video conferencing, waste reduction initiatives including recycling and composting, and energy reducing initiatives such as procuring low energy use products and discussing energy saving initiatives with our landlord.  


  • Toitū net carbonzero certified organisation

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PO Box 1925, Wellington, NZ

Phone: +64 4 496 6555