Flick Energy Limited (trading as Flick Electric Co.) gives New Zealand households access to wholesale electricity prices, letting customers take control of their power bills by grabbing low spot market prices, and avoiding high ones. Our tools, coupled with access to spot market pricing, empower and incentivise customers to change when they use electricity, and how much they use. Moving load to lower-demand times takes pressure off our precious electricity infrastructure. If we stop pushing the system to cater to peak load in the early evening and morning, then there we won’t need to invest as heavily in generation and distribution which is better for the environment. What’s more, low spot market prices typically correspond with there being a higher proportion of renewables in the system, so our model motivates customers to make a more conscious environmental choice too. Flick is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and empowering its customers to do the same.


  • Toitū carbonzero certified organisation

Contact details

Level 4, 101 Courtenay Place, Wellington, 6011, NZ

Phone: 0800 435 425