Greenfern Industries Limited is an entrepreneurial-led licensed medicinal cannabis, research and biotechnology company that also has operations spanning into the industrial hemp and hemp food space.

It operates primarily from its medicinal cannabis research facility in Normanby, South Taranaki, which is powered by its own onsite hydropower station and operates with a high-tech aeroponics system that uses less water and nutrients than conventional hydroponic cannabis grow rooms.

Greenfern also has operations and revenue generating streams within the Australian medicinal cannabis sector.

Greenfern also works with hemp, which, when harvested and processed, is used in a multitude of ways to ensure as much of the plant is used as possible, including turning it into a high-protein meat substitute and skin care products.

Having a pillar of commitment to environmental sustainability is at the very core of Greenfern’s operation. The medicinal cannabis industry has a significant environmental and carbon footprint due to high energy inputs. Greenfern prides itself on being a leading example both in New Zealand and globally of sustainability.

Greenfern is also New Zealand’s first and, currently, only Toitū cabonzero certified medicinal cannabis company and the only New Zealand B-Corp certified in its industry.


  • Toitū net carbonzero certified organisation

Contact details

127 Normanby Road, Okaiawa, South Taranaki, 4671, New Zealand