Morgan Sindall is the construction and regeneration group, working on everything from small scale fit outs and utilities projects to major urban regeneration schemes.

Carbon emissions and climate change are one of the biggest challenges facing the construction industry. Large construction firms are already subject to the Carbon Reduction Commitment, a mandatory emissions reporting scheme, and there is a risk that companies will become susceptible to future ‘green taxes’ on energy and fuel. Climate change itself also presents the Group with risks, including impacts on its own operations and reducing the market value of developments that are not resilient to the future climate.

These risks are mitigated through more efficient consumption of energy in the Group’s permanent offices, transport fleet, on project sites, and by being transparent about its carbon emissions and targets through schemes such as CEMARS and the Carbon Disclosure Project.

As a leader in construction and regeneration, the Group also recognises the importance of designing and delivering buildings and infrastructure that are more energy efficient, incorporate new energy technologies and are adapted for climate change in the future.


  • Toitū carbonreduce certified organisation

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