Suspended and Withdrawn members

This page includes those members who have had their certification suspended or who have withdrawn from certification within the last three months. Please note that some members may hold multiple certifications. This page will only list those certifications that are suspended or withdrawn. Please see the main directory for all active certifications.

Currently suspended members

Under our JAS-ANZ accreditation, we are required to list those organisations that have had their Toitū carbonreduce, Toitū net carbonzero, or Toitū Climate Positive certification suspended. Suspended clients are those who have not met annual programme requirements or have outstanding non-conformances after verification. These clients may apply for recertification within six months on confirmation that programme requirements have been met.

Recently withdrawn members

Clients who have withdrawn from one of our programmes in the last three months are listed below. In addition, suspended clients who have not recertified within the six month period will be withdrawn from the programme and listed here for three months.

  • Deep Creek Brewing Operations Limited
  • Fahey Fence Hire Limited
  • Honest Wolf
  • Hamner Springs Thermal Pools and Spa
  • Rua Bioscience Limited
  • Federation Limited
  • Nature Baby Limited
  • Archimedia Group Limited
  • BEP Marine Limited