Make a better mark on the world

At Toitū, our purpose is to help organisations shift their impact on the climate and environment from negative to positive, at pace. To do this, we are continually enhancing and improving how we can best enable business to decarbonise by 2050 and help you have a positive impact in society.

Social, environmental and economic sustainability are all increasingly seen as essential to operating responsibly. To meet your aspirations to take ambitious action, we have developed our new flagship offering - Toitū climate positive.

Toitū climate positive programme logoToitū climate positive certification pushes climate leaders beyond neutrality to make a positive impact on society, on top of taking meaningful science-led action to decarbonise.

We provide a framework for action and certify your bespoke path to science-led climate action, built on international standards that set the ultimate in best practice. Our certification is verifiable and comparable, with clear objective criteria for success.

Progress is continual – there is no ‘done’. climate positive is designed for our clients to always strive to do more.

To achieve Toitū climate positive certification, you will:

  • Measure and engage your value chain to take carbon responsibility
  • Reduce emissions by setting and achieving science-aligned reduction targets for direct and value chain emissions​
  • Compensate for your organisational or product footprint
  • Going beyond to have a positive impact through additional carbon credits (25% of the organisation or product footprint) and contributing to wider environmental and social outcomes (equivalent to the cost of offsetting 75% of the organisation or product footprint)

In addition, Toitū climate positive encourages you to support your staff, suppliers and customers to decarbonise, including promoting reductions and offsetting of personal emissions to your staff, suppliers and customers.

Toitū climate positive annual cycle

What we think climate positive means

We deliberately called this programme Toitū climate positive because the programme is about having a positive impact on the climate. That impact is felt through the combination of reducing emissions on the way to zero, engaging with the value chain to accelerate decarbonisation, compensating above neutrality, and contributing to broader outcomes. From an accounting perspective, the carbon balance sheet will show a negative balance, but this programme goes beyond the numbers to require engagement and broader social and environmental outcomes alongside reducing the footprint in line with science.

For more information on the requirements of the programme and the standards it is based on, see our concept paper here.

We’re excited to see who is prepared to meet the climate positive challenge in the coming years. If you think it might be you, talk to us. We’re ready to support you on your carbon journey.