Bakels Edible Oils is committed to the procurement of raw materials from suppliers who utilise and support the development of Sustainable Production Processes. This philosophy also extends into minimising the utilisation of natural resources such as water, electricity and gas to ensure Bakels Edible Oils reduces any environmental impacts.

With the increasing emphasis on environmental issues it is our goal to put in place systems that enable us to monitor Company performance and ensure we meet our desire to minimise or eliminate any adverse environmental effects produced by our Company. In order to achieve our goals Bakels Edible Oils is a member of the Enviro-Mark programme. To date Bakels Edible Oils has achieved Enviro-Mark Diamond level certification.


  • Toitū enviromark diamond certified

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5 Hutton Place, Mount Maunganui 3116, NZ

Phone: +64 7 575-9441