Ecotricity understands the role we play as we work towards the goal of net-zero carbon by 2050. We are committed to bringing in new renewable generation, especially solar to the New Zealand market through our innovative products. We are identifying opportunities to decarbonise New Zealand's energy sector because we believe in the potential for electricity to be the enabler of New Zealand's lower carbon future. Our advanced electricity consumption and emissions reporting helps our customers to reduce their energy usage at home and in their business as well as making reporting easier. We encourage the uptake of electric transport through our EV buyers guide and EV YouTube reviews, as well as offering our own staff EV and electric bike subsidies.

We source our Toitū climate positive certified product electricity from a large number of solar generation partners, plus from Genesis and Pioneer Energy, who supply us from renewable Wind, Solar and Hydro generation sources.


  • Toitū climate positive certified product
  • Toitū climate positive certified organisation

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