The core of Toyota's business is making vehicles that help people lead better lives. Whether that's simply transport to get to work, school or to carry out a job, or a vehicle that enriches a family's everyday lifestyle, we try and make vehicles that make a difference. Toyota has led the NZ market for 20 consecutive years; and this success which is underpinned by innovation, product and service quality, and environmental leadership.

In 1992 Toyota published its Earth Charter and formally placed the environment as a top management priority. This led to the development of the Prius hybrid petrol-electric car and a range of other 'green technologies' which reduce a vehicle's impact throughout its life cycle — from design and production, through to distribution, driving and eventual disposal. However, Toyota's environmental efforts go much wider than this to encompass all operational activities, and how to contribute towards a more sustainable society.

Measuring, managing and reducing the company's carbon footprint is therefore a key responsibility. Toyota's emissions reduction strategy focuses on improving energy efficiency, reducing business travel, sourcing renewable power, raising staff and supplier awareness, and minimising waste to landfill.

Vehicles can have a detrimental effect on natural resources, carbon emissions and quality of life and we have to take responsibility and do lots of small and not-so-small things today, to help make a difference in the future. This means we need to make our vehicles 'greener' in every sense of the word. Toyota New Zealand and Authorised Toyota Dealers have a strong commitment to environmental certification standards and work within a program of continuous improvement.

Toyota New Zealand is CEMARS certified. Toyota Financial Services and the Toyota head office are both Enviro-Mark Diamond certified. Every dealer in New Zealand holds Enviro-Mark Gold certification or higher.


  • Toitū enviromark diamond certified
  • Toitū carbonreduce certified organisation

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