Toitū Elevate

Introducing Elevate, the latest version of Aotearoa New Zealand's premier carbon certification programme, designed to guide and empower businesses on their transformative journey towards a zero carbon future. Elevate will be the new carbon programme certification requirements for organisations as of 2025.

Our vision is for all organisations to have a net positive impact on the environment, and with Toitū Elevate, we are turning this vision into a reality. This latest standard sets the bar high for our collective commitment to driving positive change, fostering innovation, and creating a pathway for businesses to thrive while making a meaningful and lasting impact on our planet. It’s the next step in the journey. Together, we embark on this journey towards a sustainable, brighter future.

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For Toitū Envirocare members

Discover a wealth of valuable resources that amplify your impact and elevate your sustainability journey. Alongside the Toitū Carbon Standard, we're excited to introduce a suite of materials that empower you to achieve more, do more, and be more in the realm of carbon climate action.

In eManage, dive into an array of new and refreshed guides, meticulously designed to align with evolving climate language, international best practices, and the latest advancements.

Here's what's waiting for you in emanage:

Assess Guide: Our refreshed version of the Measure Guide has been fine-tuned to help you quantify your emissions like never before. Packed with updated leading practices and fresh content, it's your comprehensive tool for assessing your value chain emissions.

Transition Guide: Discover our updated take on the Manage Guide, offering a wealth of guidance to set targets and manage reductions. Explore updated materials that support your shift towards science-aligned reductions, engaging your value chain, and strategically transitioning your organisation for the future.

Offset Guide: Experience our refined approach to the Mitigate Guide. While the content remains familiar, we've given it a thoughtful refresh to ensure it remains a valuable resource for you.

Scope 3 Workbook: Embark on a comprehensive journey through your full value chain inventory. This new release workbook comes complete with an online introductory video, with more enlightening videos on the horizon.

Pathway Workbook: Explore our updated version of the target and reduction pathway workbook. It's been fine-tuned to provide even greater alignment with the latest in scientific advancements.

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Leading practice in Aotearoa New Zealand

Organisations that achieve a Toitū carbonreduce, net carbonzero or climate positive certification will be able to claim they have science-based evidence that they are climate leaders on the road to net zero, and are aligned with local and global lead practice for their achievements and commitments.

The Toitū Carbon Certification Programme endorses organisations to:

  • Quantify your impact on the climate.
  • Engage and collaborate across the value chain, sector and communities.
  • Assess the climate’s impact on you.
  • Plan your science-aligned reduction pathway.
  • Transition your operations to our changing world.
  • Optionally offset your impacts during the transition.
  • Ensure an overall positive impact with climate positive.

Let's embark together towards a sustainable, brighter future.

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