Environmental Management Programme & Certification

Ready to take on your environmental impacts?

Doing good is good business – having a planned approach to managing environmental impacts offers significant benefits for your business, for your customers, and for our collective future. Toitū Envirocare provides all the tools you need to develop a robust environmental management system – and be recognised for it.

Join our collective journey to sustain the life of this place, our people and our future.

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Certification Programme

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We need to ensure that our environmental impact is managed in a safe, sustainable and regenerative way. Taking care of your environmental impact helps to reduce your exposure to risk, manage costs, build brand value and more.

The Toitū enviromark programme enables systematic development and improvement of a credible environmental management system (EMS). Third party certification ensures accurate and consistent environmental management claims.

So what is an EMS? An EMS is simply a planned approach to managing environmental impacts. Organisations identify the significant environmental impacts arising from everything they do and develop plans to prevent or reduce those impacts.

We help you each step along the way from mentorship through to bespoke delivery. Our tools and checklists help you assess your environmental impacts. Our expert guidance helps you develop a system to manage your impacts. We then arrange an independent audit to verify your result is compliant and complete. After we certify your hard work you will receive globally recognised certification logos to help you market your achievements. The annual cycle sustains a journey of continual improvement.

Annual Toitū enviromark certification cycle

Whether you are starting from scratch or have existing systems in place, our solutions can help you improve performance. Organisations can certify a full company or individual sites and achieve one of three levels of certification as the EMS is developed. Reduce risk, ensure legislative compliance and improve efficiency throughout your organisation.

What makes our programme world leading?

  • Toitū enviromark diamond certification requirements meet and exceed international standards and guide participants into best practice
  • We have over a decade of experience in environmental management systems
  • Toitū enviromark certification has helped more New Zealand organisations achieve their environmental management goals than any other programme
  • All members receive support and guidance to achieve legislative compliance.
  • Toitū enviromark members can be awarded points by the New Zealand Green Building Council’s Green Star programme under the materials category. The points vary depending on the product category, but Toitū enviromark diamond members can earn from .25 to 1 points. Toitū enviromark gold members working in steel fabrication and processing can also be recognised.

We currently have over one hundred members in New Zealand, including ABE's Bagels, Antarctica New Zealand, Croxley Stationery, eco Planet, Fonterra, Resene Paints and Toyota New Zealand (including all dealers). Explore our currently certified members and case studies here.

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Certification levels

Our three options for certification culminate in a system that meets and exceeds the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 for organisational environmental performance. Depending on where your organisation is on its sustainable journey, you can apply for certification at any of the Toitū enviromark programme levels. No matter which level you choose, we provide all the tools and guidance you will need to succeed. For each level below, click the logo or link for further information.

Toitū enviromark bronze logo

Toitū enviromark bronze

Toitū enviromark bronze certified organisations have thought about which activities their EMS must control. Their EMS could cover one or all sites or a specific part of their operation. They must explain any reasoning behind excluding areas. They also meet any applicable health, safety and environmental legislation for the areas of their organisation covered by the EMS.

Detailed requirements of this level

Toitū enviromark gold logoToitū enviromark gold

Toitū enviromark gold certified organisations have developed a comprehensive plan to help them achieve their goals outlined in their formal environmental policy. They are measuring their impacts so that they can better manage them. At this stage, the organisation has the basis of a robust EMS in place.

Detailed requirements of this level

Toitū enviromark diamond logo

Toitū enviromark diamond

Toitū enviromark diamond certified organisations have a self-sustaining EMS in place. They have internal systems to ensure that their plans and policies are followed and to identify any opportunities for change and improvement. They have top management commitment to the EMS and its continuing stability.

Detailed requirements of this level

Process of certification

Once you join the Toitū enviromark programme, you will be given access to tools, templates, and guidance that will help you identify any actual and potential environmental aspects and impacts. You will also be given a key contact who will mentor you in your certification journey.

We provide a checklist detailing the specific requirements of the level of certification sought. Once your organisation has prepared the required materials and plans for that level of certification, an independent audit will ensure programme compliance and permit certification to be issued. Upon being certified, you will be given Toitū enviromark certification logos to use in promoting your achievement. Those organisations certified as Toitū enviromark gold or diamond may be able to use the logo on product packaging.

This is an annual cycle and each year the programme will help keep you on a journey of continual improvement.

How will a certified EMS benefit your business?

Our world leading certification programme is business tested and supported by scientific research and international best practice. For every member we provide mentored support, a comprehensive tool kit, expert advisors and hands-on workshops.

Just some of the benefits our members are receiving:

  • Satisfy stakeholder and supply chain demand
  • Meet tender requirements
  • Identify business efficiencies and cost savings
  • Anticipate and manage risks
  • Achieve legislative compliance, including environmental and health & safety requirements
  • Create a saleable business with robust systems
  • Improve staff engagement
  • Build internal capability and institutional knowledge
  • Gain a moral and reputational advantage
  • Demonstrate good corporate citizenship

Explore our case studies to see the programmes in action.

Ready to learn more about what Toitū enviromark certification might mean for your business?

Other environmental management services

If you want to manage your environmental aspects and impacts but aren’t ready for certification, we can still help. Contact us to find out which solution would best fit your needs.

  • Custom assessment or audit services against a range of environmental standards and criteria
  • Workshops and training across a range of environmental topics, including identifying environmental risks, compliance requirements, measuring and managing impacts, and opportunities for improvement