01 Aug 2016

Enviro-Mark Solutions is a signatory to UNFCCC’s Climate Neutral Now

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Enviro-Mark Solutions becomes a signatory of the UNFCCC’s Climate Neutral Now initiative

UNFCC Climate Neutral Now initiative logoWe at Enviro-Mark Solutions are pleased to announce that we are a signatory to Climate Neutral Now, an initiative led by the UNFCCC secretariat. Climate Neutral Now seeks to inspire individuals and organisations to become part of the solution for climate change, becoming part of the momentum created by the global climate agreement achieved in Paris last December.

“By becoming a signatory, we can support our own mission to inspire action for a better environment”, said Dr Ann Smith, CEO of Enviro-Mark Solutions.

The Climate Neutral Now initiative aims to encourage people, companies, countries, and everyone, to be a part of the solution for climate change. Their mission aligns with Enviro-Mark Solutions’ as it advocates action through accurately measuring, managing, and minimising environmental impacts. In fact, we are a partner for helping other organisations with climate footprinting and reduction.

“As Enviro-Mark Solutions is the leading provider of environmental certification in New Zealand and also supports clients internationally, it was important that we participate in the Climate Neutral Now initiative to encourage and inspire the global community”, said Dr Ann Smith.

For more information on Climate Neutral Now, visit www.ClimateNeutralNow.org