23 Jul 2018

Enviro-Mark Solutions joins the Climate Leaders Coalition

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Enviro-Mark Solutions joins the Climate Leaders Coalition

Climate Leaders Coalition Logo

Lincoln, 19 July:  Enviro-Mark Solutions joined other leading New Zealand businesses who are signatories to the Climate Leaders Coalition which was launched on 12 July.

Climate Leaders Coalition InfographicThe Coalition is made up of 60 leading organisations committing to climate action and helping New Zealand achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

“Seeing notable kiwi businesses step up and inspire other business, provides confidence for New Zealand’s carbon zero future. This momentous coalition has further rejuvenated our drive to inspire climate action. Enviro-Mark Solutions is fully committed to meet the commitments of the coalition and assist fellow signatories in meeting their climate action goals” said Steve Dixon, GM Strategy & Partnerships at Enviro-Mark Solutions.

It was a proud moment for Enviro-Mark Solutions to see 25 of our clients joining the coalition, Ngāi Tahu Holdings, New Zealand Post, Ports of Auckland and The Warehouse Group are just a few of the signatories that are CEMARS or carboNZero certified.

The Climate Leaders Coalition comprises 60 CEOs from organisations that account for nearly 50% of New Zealand’s gross emissions. They have signed a joint statement that commits them to act on climate change in their respective businesses, and support New Zealand’s transition to a low carbon economy. “For the generations after us, for the country we love, for the viability of our businesses, we are ambitious for action on climate change.  If we act now we can forge a path to create a future that is low-emission, positive for our businesses and economy, and inclusive for all New Zealanders” from the Coalition’s Climate Change Statement.

Specifically, the coalition requires signatory organisations to -Enviro-Mark Solutions team at the Climate Leaders Coalition Launch

  • Measure their organisations’ greenhouse gas emissions
  • Set public emissions reduction targets consistent with keeping within 2 degrees of warming
  • Work with supply chains to reduce emissions
  • Support the Paris Agreement and New Zealand’s commitment to it
  • Support the introduction of a Climate Change Commission and carbon budgets enshrined in law (Zero Carbon Bill).

Enviro-Mark Solutions is proud to be a member of the Climate Leaders Coalition. We welcome the opportunity to help fellow New Zealand businesses meet their climate action commitments and inspire action toward a carbon neutral New Zealand by 2050.

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