16 Dec 2020

Meri Kirihimete from Toitū emanage

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Meri Kirihimete from Toitū emanage

Toitū’s development team has been hard at work with a range of updates on our emanage software for carbon management. The latest updates cover a range of improvements to ensure it can better serve your needs. We’re really excited about the updates still in development coming your way in the new year – we’ll keep you updated here.

Speaking your language

Next time you need to add data, you’ll notice that on the Setup tab, ‘Indicators’ are now called ‘Emission Factors’.

We’ve also improved some of the error message wording to improve clarity.

Next time you log into emanage, take a look at the refreshed dashboard. We’ve changed the categorisation on the pie chart to shift away from Scopes to categorise the emissions by types, so it is easier to spot where the hotspots are. Most of you will see up to five categories now: direct emissions (your Scope 1 emissions), and indirect emissions from imported energy, transportation, products used by your organisation (ie, upstream) or products from your organisation (ie, downstream). Note this categorisation update only affects the dashboard.

Screenshot of the Toitū emanage dashboard for OPQ Construction

Up to speed

There is (slightly) faster inventory spreadsheet generation now, which may also speed up a few other things. The next set of updates in January should increase the speed yet again.

Let’s get organised

You’ll notice the Analysis tab now sorts months in calendar order rather than alphabetically.

For those of you with many years of historical inventories we’ve made a tweak to the report generation. Now your EIR will automatically skip some years between base year and recent years for a more focused Table 1 (in the example below, note that 2013-2015 have been excluded from the listing).

Screenshot of Table 1 from the EIR generated by Toitū emanage

​Let us know

​As always, we are keen to know more about your experience with emanage and our services. If you have feedback to share on how we can better meet your needs, get in touch with your Account Manage or book a time with our customer experience executive here.