25 Feb 2021

Refreshing the Toitū carbon certification programmes

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Refreshing the Toitū carbon certification programmes

The future is decarbonised.

Over the last 15 years, hundreds of organisations have measured and managed their carbon impacts with Toitū’s carbon programmes. Those fifteen years have seen a big shift in best practice and legislation (as well as the 10 hottest years on record among other climate impacts), and the science is clear that the next ten years are vital to bend the curve to success.

To ensure our clients remain at the forefront of operational climate action, Toitū is updating its carbon programmes.

This new version is currently being piloted and will roll out to our wider membership over the course of the next 18 months.

What's changing

There is a new version of the standard guiding how to measure organisational inventories (ISO 14064-1:2018), and a new standard governing how we audit your measurement (ISO 14064-3:2019). Over the next 18 months, the old standards are being phased out and we’re shifting to the new versions. The new version of Toitū carbon will align with the latest version of ISO 14064-1:2018, and we’re taking advantage of this compliance update to pull in the latest best practice and science-based target principles and bring you a range of improvements as well.

You’ll be pleased to hear that we are also planning a range of user-friendly improvements to be introduced over three phases. Some of these you’ll start seeing right away (like reduced loading time in the Analysis tab (up to 90% faster) or the updated emanage dashboard, where we now group emissions into categories such as “Indirect emissions from imported energy” or “Indirect emissions from transportation” rather than showing you scopes), and others will roll out over the coming months or once you transition over to the new version.

(Feedback to guide further improvements is always welcome. Share your experiences with Austin via email or book a time in her calendar.)


Watch this recorded webinar on the key updates to the ISO standard, and review the latest frequently asked questions. Then, register for one of our upcoming member events. We have booked in three drop-in virtual coffee hours (member only). Drop in and out at your convenience and take advantage of this safe space to ask any questions of our group of Toitū experts. We hope to see you 4 March, 9 March or 23 March.

Toitū will make this transition easy and seamless. We will equip our clients with the tools and support you need to meet you where you are on your journey. We’ll be helping our members determine the next steps for your organisation and establish timeframes for your transition in line with your usual annual audit cycle.

A chance to take new positive steps

As always, our programme meets you where you are on the journey. Everyone currently certified as Toitū carbonreduce or Toitū carbonzero is already well on their way to carbon leadership.

The new version of the programme allows your organisation to set bespoke scope and boundaries that speak directly to your operations and sustainability strategy, ensuring you remain at the forefront of climate action. The new version gives you the flexibility to set bespoke scope and boundaries that speak directly to your operations and sustainability strategy, so it is well suited to meet you wherever you are on the journey to climate leadership.

For those just starting on climate action, our updated programme will ensure you are laying robust groundwork for your impacts and management. For those who are ready to take a new step, the new programme provides the chance to validate your ambitious climate leadership.

Collectively, we will transition New Zealand to our net zero future.

Best practice

The updated ISO standard reflects twelve years of changes in industry and climate science. ISO 14064-1:2018 catches up to the level that many climate leaders have been working at for years, by providing a framework for full carbon responsibility.

The new accounting model clarifies how organisations can assess their value chain carbon impacts in order to better understand their true footprint. As always, by measuring we can better manage, and this new standard will empower supply chain engagement for collective action. This also brings it closer in line with the GHG Protocol advice on corporate measurements and value chain assessments.

Since we certified our first carbonzero client in 2006, a range of other science-based best practice has been developed, including work by the Science-Based Targets initiative. This project enables organisations to determine their individual reduction pathway in line with the global carbon budget. Toitū Envirocare has been a proud supporter of this work from the beginning and has incorporated many of these principles in our programmes over the years.

Take steps with us

The future of resilient, innovative business is decarbonised. The updated Toitū carbon programmes give you the tools and frameworks to make your mark as a climate leader, take ambitious action, and re-shape your business strategy to be future-thinking and future-proof.