03 Oct 2018

Turf Technologies is now carboNZero Certified

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Turf Technologies is now carboNZero Certified

Taking care of the environment is mission critical for Canterbury lawn care specialists Turf Technologies. The organisation, established in 1993, delivers lawn and turf care services to residential, commercial and sports clients across Canterbury.

The team prides itself on its deep knowledge of ground care and passion for science and technology – two factors which drove them to seek carboNZeroCertTM certification for the first time this year.

For a company that works exclusively with the natural environment, going carbon neutral was a no brainer for Managing Director, Jonny Hughes.

“We want to do the right thing, and we want people who use our services to know we do care,” he says. “We want to be known as a responsible company.”

Turf Technologies holding their first carboNZero Certificate

With support from Enviro-Mark Solutions, Turf Technologies identified each element of their business that emits carbon including waste, vehicle and equipment emissions.  Through the carbon audit, they have identified their top emission sources and prepared a plan which includes targets and reduction projects.

Turf Technologies then offset their carbon emissions by selecting and purchasing carbon credits from the Hinewai Reserve in Banks Peninsula, which uses profits to restore native bush near the coast.

The process was straightforward, says Hughes. “E-MS gave us everything we needed; we couldn’t have done it without their help.”

The process was a valuable tool for identifying how the company could be more efficient and do better as a company, says Hughes, who has seen environmental and financial benefits as a result.

Turf Technologies’ next challenge is replacing their fleet with hybrid or electric vehicles. “This will realise further benefits, reducing fuel costs and our carbon footprint at the same time,” says Hughes. “It makes sense, especially with the way fuel costs are going.”

He’s also expecting carboNZero certification to impact on their bottom line and help them differentiate their product in a competitive market.

“We’re using it as a tender tool,” he says. “Hopefully, if we have similar pricing to competitors, our carboNZero certification will help customers see we’re a different sort of company, and we are doing the right thing.”

Congratulations to Turf Technologies, certified as carboNZero for the first time this month!