24 Jul 2018

Our say on the Zero Carbon Bill

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Our say on the Zero Carbon Bill

We had our say on the Zero Carbon Bill, and now we’re looking forward to the outcome.

Enviro-Mark Solutions' Zero Carbon Bill Consultation response submission

Lincoln, 20 July: Enviro-Mark Solutions responded to the Zero Carbon Bill consultation after carefully listening to the views of staff and other stakeholders.

Some key considerations for the submission were:

  • Policy certainty with bi-partisan support to encourage long-term investment by business
  • Engagement of all sectors and all greenhouse gases tackled in the goal to achieve net zero emissions by or before 2050
  • Leadership in reporting and reducing emissions from Public Sector including through government procurement
  • Increased capability and capacity through training and sharing learning among like-minded businesses
  • Stimulation of innovation through setting deep reduction targets and investing in research and development
  • Policy action supporting low carbon infrastructure development
  • Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 13 Climate Action)

Enviro-Mark Solutions hosted a workshop on 5 July to support our clients’ understanding of the Zero Carbon Bill, understand their views and encourage them to respond to the consultation. More than thirty organisations participated in the workshop intending to make informed choices around their own submissions.

“This is an opportunity to inform the future of climate change action, adaptation and mitigation in New Zealand. Enviro-Mark Solutions is proud to respond to the consultation on this important legislation and we look forward to the outcome” said Enviro-Mark Solutions CEO, Dr Ann Smith.   

DOWNLOAD: Enviro-Mark Solutions ZCB Consultation Response