26 Feb 2021

Webinar Recap | Future-ready Farms of Tomorrow

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Webinar Recap | Future-ready farms of tomorrow

How to make your farm climate, regulation, and future proof.

Since the passing of the Zero Carbon Act, the agricultural sector is rapidly coming to terms with how it will manage its implications. The legislation is firmly in favour of the need to reduce carbon and the introduction of a ‘cost of carbon’ for farms. Meanwhile, consumers in New Zealand and around the world want to purchase low emissions and ‘environmentally friendly’ food – opening a huge opportunity for New Zealand farmers.

The He Waka Eke Noa primary sector agreement says 25% of farms need to ‘know their number’ by the end of 2021 and a 100% by 2022.

Acting now on your carbon footprint could benefit your farm, your customers, and your wallet in the long run.

Hosted in partnership with Entrepreneurial Women With Purpose, this insightful webinar features leading voices in the primary sector including Sarrah Perrium from Sarah's Country, Doug Avery (from Resilient Farmer and Bonavaree Farm), Richard Staple (from Agrisea New Zealand) and Justine and Geoff Ross (from Lake Hawea Station).

Talk to our experts about your path to on-farm carbon neutrality.

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