04 Oct 2019

Top Ten Books you need to read on Climate Change

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Top Ten Books you need to read on Climate Change

Knowledge is power. These great books will challenge and inspire you to reduce your impact on our planet.

Want a bit more evidence in your pocket on climate change impacts? We’ve got you covered with a selection of fiction and nonfiction to build your understanding of key climate change issues.

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate

Book by Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein

Interested in economics? Klein's "This Changes Everything" depicts capitalism as the most profound threat humanity has ever faced. She argues that climate change is a civilization wake-up call to change the world before the world changes so drastically that no one is safe.

Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet

Book by Mark Lynas

Six Degrees by Mark Lynas

Need a shake up? According to critics, this is the most frightening book you could ever read on climate change. It describes what will happen if the average global temperature rises by six degrees within the next hundred years – basically the collapse of our civilisation! It’s a compelling call to action.

The World Without Fish: How Kids Can Help Save the Oceans

Book by Mark Kurlansky

Mark Kurlansky

Have young kids? If we carry on with business as usual, a world without fish will soon become our reality. Kurlansky offers an inspiring children’s book that explains the current crisis on the oceans, the frightening tragedy of a sea without fish and how to prevent it. This book aims to equip the younger generation with the knowledge they need.

It's Not Rocket Science 

Book by Ben Miller

Ben Miller

Need a lift? Comedian Ben Miller breaks down big ideas in science and gently leads us through the ideas about particle physics, evolutionary biology, and rocket science without patronising or dumbing down the issues of climate change.

The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World

Book by Jeff Goodell

Jeff Goodell

Live on the coast? What if the lost city of Atlantis wasn’t a myth, but the start to a new age of great flooding. Scientists and civilians around the world are noticing the rapidly rising sea levels and the higher tides that are pushing more water directly to where we live. Goodell explains why and how this will happen, and what it means for all of us.

Ten Technologies to Fix Energy and Climate

Book by Chris Goodall

Chris Goodall

Interested in the tools? Aptly titled, Goodall suggests ten technologies that can help fix this problem. Some solutions are familiar, like the electric car, while others are quite unusual like farming algae to store carbon dioxide and produce fuel, or using charcoal made from waste to lock carbon into the soil and reduce the need for fertilizers.

Climate of Hope: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet 

Book by Carl Pope and Michael Bloomberg

Carl Pope and Michael Bloomberg

Want to feel optimistic? Bloomberg and Pope offer an optimistic look at a road map for tackling climate change, where individuals, communities and businesses can win the fight, even if politics gets in the way. They approach the issue as a series of manageable problems and present solutions with appealing economic and social co-benefits.

The Ends of the World: Volcanic Apocalypses, Lethal Oceans, and Our Quest to Understand Earth's Past Mass Extinctions

Book by Peter Brannen

Peter Brannen

Like history? Brannen explores five major mass extinctions and how they might predict our future. The book recounts the dangers of carbon dioxide emissions while reminding us that it's never just one thing that brings about mass extinctions.

How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything

Book by Mike Berners-Lee

Mike Berners-Lee

Want a how-to guide? In walking readers through the carbon impacts of everyday items (food, plastic, flights) and global topics (deforestation, data centres, sport), Berners-Lee helps readers tune their carbon instincts and pick battles on the road to ethical consumerism.

Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming

Book by Erik M. Conway and Naomi Oreskes

Merchants of Doubt

Hate fake news? This most popular book tells the controversial story of how a group of scientists and advisers, with deep connections in politics and industry, have purposely misled the public, denying the evidence of climate change to placate corporate and political interest.

We hope that these books inspire you to take a new chapter in your life, that will not only change the way you live but the way you treat our planet.

Want to add more to this list? Share with us your best climate change books, we'd love to hear about them!