04 Oct 2018

We are a CDP-accredited science-based targets partner

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Enviro-Mark Solutions becomes the first and only CDP-accredited science-based targets partner in Australia and New Zealand

Lincoln, 4 October: Enviro-Mark Solutions is proud to announce we are the first and only* CDP-accredited science-based targets partner in Australia and New Zealand.

Through this new partnership, CDP has endorsed Enviro-Mark Solutions’ expertise in delivering science based targets and supporting organisations to reduce their carbon emissions in line with ambitious global targets.  As a global leader in environmental disclosure, CDP’s endorsement carries the weight of its network of 6,300 companies and $100 trillion in investment and purchasing.

Alberto Carrillo Pineda, Director, Science-based targets at CDP says, “We are delighted that Enviro-Mark Solutions has become our first science-based targets partner in Australia and New Zealand.

“With over two decades of experience helping organisations to understand baselines and set emissions reduction goals, we are confident their services will be of great value to companies looking to set and implement science-based targets.”

Enviro-Mark Solutions has guided organisations worldwide to measure over 190 million tonnes of carbon and achieve an average reduction of 23% through its carbon certification programmes.

Expanding its carbon expertise to include science-based target principles is the natural next step says Enviro-Mark Solutions CEO Dr Ann Smith.

“Science has always been very much part of what we do, thanks in part to our parent company Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research.

“We guide our clients to take positive steps for a better environment by applying that science through real-world solutions. As a CDP-accredited science-based targets solutions provider, Enviro-Mark Solutions will continue to lead organisations to a sustainable economy through ambitious targets.”

Setting a science-based target allows an organisation to frame its corporate climate action in line with the global decarbonisation pathway to limit global warming below 2°C.

CDP accredited providerEnviro-Mark Solutions is already a CDP Climate Change Verification Partner. Our Carbon Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme (CEMARS®) programme has been accredited by CDP as a suitable standard for verification of greenhouse gas information for years.

What is a science-based target?

  • Global greenhouse gas emissions must stay below one trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents  (tCO2e) to have the best chance of limiting global warming to under 2° Celsius. This is called the global carbon budget.
  • Science-based targets are carbon emissions reduction targets set to limit the applicable  portion of the global carbon budget.
  • Over 490 companies worldwide, including Coca-Cola, Nestle, Toyota and L’Oreal, have joined the Science-Based Targets initiative so far, representing a combined market capitalisation of nearly USD$10 trillion.

What is CDP?

  • CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) is a non-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for companies, investors, cities, states and regions to measure, manage and disclose environmental impacts.
  • Over 6,300 companies and 500 cities have responded this year alone
  • 87% of companies responding to CDP are taking action to address climate risks, disclosing companies have a 67% higher return on equity, and disclosing companies have identified $53bn worth of savings so far 
  • CDP is also a founding partner of the Science Based Targets initiative, along withthe United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), World Resources Institute (WRI), and the World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The Science Based Targets initiative advocates and recognises organisations that have set science based targets.

About Enviro-Mark Solutions:
Enviro-Mark Solutions is committed to inspiring action for a better environment and a sustainable low carbon economy. In addition to its internationally recognised carbon certification programmes, CEMARS and carboNZero, it offers a full suite of services for any business to measure, set and achieve science-based targets. A tailor-made package of training, software, verification and certification ensures your organisation can reduce emissions, identify efficiencies, engage staff and gain market access. Our team of experts bring nearly two decades of real world experience to assist organisations in New Zealand, Australia and internationally, to understand baselines and set achievable emissions reduction goals. 

Enviro-Mark Solutions welcomes any organisation that wants to set science-based targets to start the conversation today. Together we can develop a custom plan to apply our expertise to your business needs.

For more information contact:

Nadine France

Marketing and Communications Manager, Enviro-Mark Solutions

+64 9 574 4222 | +64 27 227 3297 | nadine.france@enviro-mark.com

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