APL Window Solutions is New Zealand’s largest manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors. APL is based in Hamilton, where they design, extrude and surface finish aluminium extrusion profiles. Extrusion profiles are processed from aluminium ingot, sourced from the Tiwai Smelter in Southland, New Zealand, using hydraulic extruders.

The extrusion profiles are distributed to the independently owned manufacturers/fabricators across New Zealand and in some countries in the South Pacific. Once there, the extrusions are fitted with insulated glass units (IGUs) and other window/door components (such as hardware fittings, gaskets/seals, and sealants) to form a full window/door assembly, which is installed into residential and commercial buildings.


  • Toitū carbonreduce certified product

Contact details

19 Northpark Drive, Te Rapa, Hamilton, 3200, New Zealand