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Manage your greenhouse gas emissions

Manage iconMaking a commitment to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at source is the most important aspect of carbon management.

Why manage your emissions?

Climate science is clear: in order to limit global temperature increase to well below 2°C, we have a strict budget of remaining carbon emissions allowable*. Globally we must have net zero emissions by 2050. The only way to get there is if we assess our impacts and work to reduce them as much as possible; other mitigation options like offsets or carbon storage will help to balance the scales but will be cost prohibitive without reduction.

Managing emissions will also help you:

  • Demonstrate climate leadership
  • Save resources, energy and costs
  • Drive innovation
  • Attract and retain staff
  • Prepare for legislative requirements or supply chain requirements
  • Transform your brand image
  • Improve relationships with your value chain
  • Contribute to local and global commitments to reduce emissions and achieve net zero by 2050

* Learn more about the carbon budget here

How do I reduce emissions?

Think about what you can do to reduce, substitute or avoid emissions. Remember – quick wins and long-term projects are both important to make your fair contribution to our climate. Setting short term goals (ie, annual reduction of 3% or reduce electricity use by 10% annually) alongside long term goals (ie, net zero emissions by 2050) will help you make progress, see cost savings that can be reinvested into further reduction projects, and ensure buy-in.

The Toitū carbonreduce and Toitū carbonzero programmes provide guidance on the investigation and documentation of emissions and helps determine the most appropriate reduction options based on climate science. Reducing emissions is a win-win for business and the environment. It brings about cost savings and, for Toitū carbonzero members, reduces the number of offsets required to mitigate your remaining emissions.

Members of our Toitū carbonreduce and Toitū carbonzero programmes are given exclusive resources, tools, templates, and support tailored to your needs as you go through the process for certification.

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Take steps with us.

Toitū aims to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions, and our carbon members together form the collective momentum of a mighty awa of change. Our latest top reducers (updated biannually) feature here as a testament to the possibilities through Toitū carbon management.

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What’s next?

Once you’ve measured and set up plans to reduce your carbon footprint you can neutralise remaining emissions with quality carbon credits. Learn more

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