Verify - Carbon Footprint

Audit your greenhouse gas inventory and management plans


For integrity and to provide assurance on your market claims, your measurement is independently verified prior to certification. The audit will ensure the inventory is in accordance with international standards like ISO 14064-1, ISO 14067 or PAS 2050 and your reduction plans are in line with Toitū carbonreduce and Toitū carbonzero scheme requirements.

Your verification, or audit, is a thorough check to ensure that you have measured your carbon footprint with completeness (you've measured everything required) and accuracy (the data and calculations are correct) against programme requirements and the international standard. The management plan is also verified to ensure it is up to date and appropriate for your footprint.

The audit typically takes place on site, so that the auditor can check facilities, activities, and other details that can't always be understood from data alone. If the auditor has any findings for you to correct, you have a set period in which to do so, and then the suite of documents and materials is submitted to Toitū Envirocare for the final certification review.

In order to maintain Toitū carbonreduce and Toitū carbonzero certification, the audit happens on an annual basis. This ensures on-going accuracy and robustness for your carbon claims in the marketplace.

Our verifiers

Toitū carbonreduce and Toitū carbonzero certification is awarded only after independent verification of the measure, manage and mitigate steps by approved verifiers.

Our approved verifiers have auditing qualifications and prior experience and proficiency in greenhouse gas emissions measurement, management and mitigation.